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Free TRIZ learning platform for inventors and innovators

The!  Website is offered by Prof. Dr. Pavel Livotov from his TRIZ Handbook as a cost-free learning and application platform for inventive problem solving and systematical innovation with TRIZ principles. The following information about  TRIZ (Theory of Inventive Problem Solving) is available on the website now:

Innovation technology TRIZ  - a compact introduction into TRIZ
Publications about TRIZ - in English and German
TRIZ Software - TriSolver Idea Generator & Manager, professopnal edition
TRIZ Handbook - a complete TRIZ as e-Book, 2016, 280 Pages (PDF)

Two groups of TRIZ principles for creative problem solving:

12 General Principles - to solve organisational or management problems
40 Inventive Principles – to solve engineering problems

When using the 40 Inventive Principles one should start with the:
- 10 best Principles for brainstorming
- 13 best Principles for design
- 10 best Principles for creative cost-reduction

Application catalogue of important effects for solving inventive problems

All innovation principles and other TRIZ tools, such as for example enhanced contradiction matrix or invention algorithm, including easy-to-use idea management software Idea Generator & Manager are available for download  at: