40 Inventive Principles

a) Compensate the object's weight by merging it with another object that provides a lifting force.

b) Compensate the object's weight by interaction with another medium, e.g. aerodynamic or hydrodynamic forces.

  1. Car and truck spoilers are used as wings with a negative angle of attack to increase the road grip of the vehicle through the downward aerodynamic forces.
  2. Hydrofoil boats. At high speeds the hydrodynamic lifting force of the underwater wings lifts the hull out of the water and it is then only supported on the foils.
  3. A method for lifting sunken ships from the bottom of the ocean is to fill the cavities with a low density, water displacing medium such as, for example, plastic balls or fast-curing foam. The lifting force of this medium raises the ship to the surface.
  4. The mechanical speed governors of wind-powered generators are equipped with flyweights in the form of wings with a negative angle of attack to create an aerodynamic braking force when the wind speed increases.