Principles for brainstorming
These statistically often applicable 10 Inventive Principles can be used in brainstorming for a quick search of problem solutions. They deliver good solutions for approximately 50% of all technical tasks.

The Inventive Principles contain recommendations for changes of technical systems: they help to strengthen useful characteristics and to eliminate the objectionable ones.


Transformation of the physical and chemical properties

Prior Action


Replacement of a Mechanical System



Periodic Action

Shift to Another Dimension

Changing Colour

Inversion (Other Way Round)


The use of Inventive Principles consists of three system levels:


- System or objekt itself (e.g. office phone)
- Sub-System (e.g. phone receiver)
- Super-System and environment (e.g. telephone system and telefon network).

If you cannot find a satisfying solution use all the 40 Inventive Principles.